Android Wear Device Supports iOS, Per This Pre-Order Page

Apple Watch not for you? The Amazon preorder page for the Huawei Watch states that the device will support iOS. Now, at this point, it’s unclear if this is a typo or unreleased information — let’s hope it’s the latter.

So far iPhone owners have had a limited amount of smartwatches to choose from, say just the Apple Watch and Pebble devices. Likewise, there are dozens of different Android Wear models available, each offering a slightly different look and feature set from each other. If Android Wear gains iOS compatibility, suddenly iPhone owners will have a huge selection of available smartwatches.

The Huawei Watch itself is a suave if not a bit gaudy wristwatch with a decidedly upscale look. It starts at $349 with a stainless steel casing and a leather band. Yet each model, from the $350 to $800 model, packs a 1.4-inch circular AMOLED display and reportedly iOS 8.2 compatibility. Amazon says the device will ship to buyers starting on September 2nd.

We’ve reached out to both companies for comment.