The Next iPhone May Come With Animated Wallpapers

It would appear that the next-gen iPhone may come with some added flare.

Sources told 9to5mac that the UI for the iPhone 6S may come with animated wallpapers, not unlike the animated watch faces that shipped with the Apple Watch.


Those sources said that animated wallpapers could include animated fish in a koi pond, as well as ‘colorful arrays of smoke.’

Given that most Android lovers quote ‘customization’ as the source of their loyalty, it makes sense that Apple would offer even more options for users to differentiate their iPhones.

Last night, a photo was leaked of the iPhone 6S Plus packaging, which depicted a koi fish floating on a white box. Though the photo is generally sketchy and unreliable, 9to5Mac seems to believe that the picture is further evidence of the animated wallpapers rumor.

At the same time, 9to5Mac is hedging their bets saying “the animation features in testing could have ultimately been dropped from the final iPhone 6S launch.”

The next generation iPhones are expected to be unveiled at an Apple event on September 9.