Techy Is An On-Demand Repair Service For Laptops

While companies like iCracked have extensive repair networks allowing you to get a phone or tablet repaired in just hours, getting a laptop repaired normally requires making an appointment, dropping your device off, and eventually picking it up days later.

Techy (a recent winner of our TC Radio pitch-off) solves this problem by providing an on-demand platform for laptop repairs.

Here’s how the service works: After a user submits a repair request, Techy dispatches a courier to pick up your laptop and bring it to their local repair facility. Users also have an option to ship their device if they are located outside of the Washington D.C. service area.

After performing all needed repairs, the company will return the device to you, often all in the same day.

While same-day repairs seem impractical, Yaffet Meshesha, co-founder of Techy, explained that most issues can actually be resolved in under an hour, leaving plenty of time to return the device to the customer.

Techy charges a flat fee of $69.99 for software repairs, and $99.99 for hardware repairs (plus the cost of parts). The service is currently live in the Washington D.C. area, and aims to soon expand to other major cities.

Currently, a user can request a pickup either online or via phone. However, the company said it is currently developing an iOS app to streamline the request process.

In terms of retention, Meshesha explained that more than half of existing customers have returned to Techy for additional repairs. While the company is currently focused on cornering a market niche by solely repairing laptops, they may expand to desktops and phones in the future.