This Week On Bullish: Radical Transparency

Hello friends and welcome back to Bullish, a weekly show from TechCrunch designed to see how long I can sit under lights and not sweat through my makeup. Jokes aside, Bullish is our first talk show, and we’re glad that you are here.

This week, I’m very happy to report that we brought Buffer co-founder and COO Leo Widrich back to headquarters for a chat about salary transparency, how it works, for whom it might work, and, of course, what his current salary is.

(He tells us!)

Buffer is known for not protecting its private financial data as if it were state secrets. You can look up Buffer’s revenue, cap table, salary list, and more. Ask yourself if you would be comfortable with each and every colleague you have knowing precisely how much money you make, and your current equity stake — I think that I can hear your palms starting to sweat.

Hit play, and let’s do this.

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