Evernote Is Killing Off Its Dedicated Food App

Evernote founder Phil Libin was succeeded as CEO by ex-Googler Chris O’Neill last month, and the new man at the top appears to be wasting little time making his mark after Evernote announced it would cease support for its Food app.

Launched in 2011, Evernote Food was, as the name suggests, a branch of Evernote’s note-taking service dedicated entirely to culinary joys. The service was designed as a repository for recipes, restaurants and any other food-related notes. Evernote never revealed how many users it had, but, as the company focuses on its core service which appears to have stagnated somewhat, it makes sense that it is deprioritizing less essential areas. All the things you did in Evernote Food can be done in the main Evernote service, which claims 150 million registered users, or within third-party food apps for Evernote.

So, from September 30, Evernote Food will no longer be listed in the iOS and Android app stores, the company said. (We couldn’t find either app today, for what it’s worth.)¬†Existing users will be able to continue¬†using the apps, but they will no longer be updated and their features will stop working. That last point is important because it means Evernote Food will no longer sync with the primary Evernote service, making it pretty useless for future curation.