Action-Based Email App Dispatch Comes To The iPad

Everyone has their own favorite email app, there are plenty out there to choose from, but one of the best under-the-radar offerings (and my personal choice) — Dispatch — just got an update that finally adds support for the iPad.

Dispatch is a $6.99 iOS-only affair that connects to more than 20 third-party services to let you ‘triage’ your inbox. 1Password, Asana, Chrome, Evernote, Facetime, Pocket, Reminders, and Skype are among the supported apps that let you handle actions and follow-up more efficiently — think of it like a more polished, feature-rich version of Mailbox. Dispatch also supports TextExpander (useful for handling customer/service requests), auto-suggestions, an undo option and the usual array of swipe-based actions that have basically become standard on mobile email apps.

One thing to note about Dispatch is that it does not offer push notifications, though it does use iOS’s background refresh feature to fetch mail on an ongoing basis. I like that because I get a lot of email, but it could be a deal-breaker for others.

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The Dispatch creators had originally cautioned against the development of an iPad version — the website still reads: “while we’d love to have Dispatch on our iPads, we’ll also need to look at the demand before working on it” — so today’s news is much welcome for those seeking an easy-to-use option, particularly if you deal with customer and service related emails on the go.