Programmer Drives His Tesla Model S A Record-Breaking 452.8 Miles On A Single Charge

Tesla’s Model S, a “premium performance” sedan with dual-motor, all-wheel drive, is advertised as having a 265-mile range, according to the company. But Bjørn Nyland, a programmer at the University of Oslo who lovingly calls his two-year-old Tesla “The Millennium Falcon” (he also has a YouTube channel dedicated primarily to his Tesla and their travels together), has apparently just set a world record.

Nyland says he just drove a stunning 728 kilometers, or 452.8 miles, on a single charge in his car after “fueling up” at a supercharger station in Rødekro, Denmark.

According to Tesla, the last record of its kind was recorded in May 2012, when a father and son drove 423.5 miles on a single charge.

For what it’s worth, Nyland has no financial relationship with Tesla, says the company. He just really loves his car, seemingly. 

Nyland and the charitable friend who drove with him had to cruise an excruciatingly slow 25 miles-per-hour at near zero elevation to pull off the feat. Video taken by Nyland of his trip is about as exhilarating as you’d expect as a result. Still, you can check it out right here: