Gmail To Auto-Populate Google Calendar For Work With Things Like Flights And Hotel Bookings

For a while, Gmail data like flight information has been surfaced in Google’s search product. One could imagine that that data would make sense in other places…like Google Calendar. Especially at work. Ding ding!

Google Apps For Work shared today that it’s starting to roll out features that will place ticket, flight, hotel and restaurant info onto Google Calendar. Automatically.

It’s good news for Google App users who have been enjoying this on the consumer product since late last year.

For example, if you buy a flight, rent a car, book a hotel and set reservations for the day you get into town for business, all of those items will be added to your Calendar if the exact time for those events are available. Your flight would show up at 4, reservation at 9, etc.


events-gmail-noticeThis will be turned on by default, but you can easily turn it off in Gmail Settings. It’s a cool feature, but could get pretty annoying if false positives start getting jammed into your calendar. You can delete the items after they’re added, but it might be too late once you start getting buzzes for things you didn’t really need to be alerted about.

One of my favorite uses of this data is asking Google Now “When is my flight?” and getting the answer and other details that will help me out. The more data Google has, the more things they can do like this to help make our lives easier.