Vysor Puts Your Android Device’s Screen On Your Desktop

If you’ve ever wanted to play games or use apps from your phone on your desktop — web versions of messaging apps prove how convenient desktops are — then Vysor is a new service for Android owners that might well be up your alley.

Created by Koushik Dutta, the prominent Android developer behind apps like AllCast, it is a Chrome extension that recreates a fully functioning version of your Android screen on your desktop, with mouse support for touch and hotkeys. It’s worth noting that the app is currently in beta — it leaked out via a Reddit thread — and it requires a USB cable for the connection.

This kind of functionality is possible on newer Samsung smartphones using the SideSync feature, but Vysor brings screen emulation to many more phones powered by Android. Beyond typing out long messages more conveniently using a keyboard, playing games on a larger screen and saving effort in other ways, the app has potential for developers that currently use emulator software to craft their apps, particularly since it allows devices to be shared across the web.

Here’s the video overview: