Twitter Storms The Stage, Unveils The Tiniest VMAs Emoji Of All Time

Today, Twitter launched an emoji tied to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, which will air this weekend. Users hash tagging either #VMA of #VMAs will get a very tiny moon man emoji to pop up in their tweet.

Like, seriously, this is how big it is:
Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.45.51 PM

Full-sized it looks way cooler though:

[tweet align=’center’]

We already know Twitter is deep in preparations to revamp how it approaches events with its “project lightning” feature. Over the past few months, the service has also launched a few custom emojis as a fun way of visually unifying conversations about a particular event that’s happening.

For now, the company is just working on its own or with select partners to create custom emojis like this. Twitter has already produced emojis for the Women’s World Cup, UK Election, Ramadan, Copa America in Latin America and the latest Star Wars trailer.

Andrew Fitzgerald from Twitter’s Media Strategy and Operations team talked about the role of emojis in tweets in a Q&A with TechCrunch earlier this month:

Twitter emojis are a part of our ongoing efforts to make Twitter a fun, interactive place for users to express themselves. Just as we integrated native video into the product and have acquired Periscope, we feel like the Twitter emoji adds a new dimension to our content experiences by encouraging users to broadcast their enthusiasm for an event or moment in a visual way.

Twitter emojis, like Facebook stickers, are super fun to play around with and are really popular, but as a branding method, they just seem a little too small to convey much info, though some designs work better than others.

The VMAs moon man is awesome when viewed full-size, but in tweets it feels like you might need one of these 🔬🔎 to see him planting his flag.