Microsoft Offers Free Download Of “Start Me Up” To Celebrate 20 Years Of Windows 95

Remember Windows 95? I mean, how could you not? Oh, you’re under 30? Yeah, then you probably don’t remember Windows 95. Its launch was a glorious day, it stood for the rise of graphical interfaces that we’ve come to known and love.

Its launch also featured The Rolling Stones. Specifically, their song “Start Me Up.” You know, like the “Start” button. So schmart.

Today, to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Windows 95, Microsoft is offering a free download of the song for anyone who cares to download it. If you don’t own the song already, now’s your chance.


I know, best day ever, right? Please don’t get too excited, it’s not healthy for you.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this release, download the classic song for free until 11:59 p.m. PST from the Windows Store.

Hurry – this offer is only good for one day! Also, keep up with what’s hot, new and trending in the Windows Store on Twitter and Facebook.

Microsoft paid somewhere between zero and fourteen million dollars for the rights to use the song. And boy did they use the hell out of it. Here’s the commercial they ran:

And you heard them. Better hurry. But not before you watch this Windows 95 introduction thanks to Friends.