This Week On Bullish: The Digital Divide

Happy Wednesday, friends, and welcome back to another episode of Bullish, a new show from TechCrunch designed to force me to wear makeup at least once a week.

This time ’round we’re talking about education, technology, and how they don’t always end up together. How much do we invest in technology in our school districts? How can we get more tech into our classrooms? And, of course, how can our students compete in a competitive global economy if the tools they learn on are already out of date?

To get our grip around the issue we brought in Warren Barkley, the CTO of SMART Technologies to help. SMART is best known for its intelligent whiteboard products. Barkley is a former teacher, and Microsoft employee. That means that as an educator, and a technologist, Barkley has been on both sides of the digital divide. Tune in, let’s see if we can save the world.

Bullish airs every Wednesday morning at 7 am Pacific, and 10 am Eastern. We’ll see you all soon. In the meantime, pour a coffee and hit play.