This App Shoots VHS Quality Video That Bob Saget Would Be Proud Of

If you long for the shitty quality videos of pre-2000, the ones shot on a camcorder, then this iOS app is for you. Fittingly, it’s called VHS Camcorder and it costs $3.99.

It’s kind of worth it, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t pay for a lot of apps.

Not only does your video get turned into something with zero HD quality whatsoever, it also sounds like utter crap. It even sticks that little date and time stamp on your video along with the “PLAY” text in the top right:


Dragging your finger around the screen while recording will make the quality even worse. It’s as if that big bulky camcorder, complete with box full of tiny tapes, came rushing back into your life. You can even zoom in:


You can get really creative by spoofing the date in the settings and then recreate a moment that happened in your life. Shoot your own version of The Blair Witch Project.


After shooting the clip below, I immediately wanted to drop my tape into a big envelope and ship it off to Bob Saget at America’s Funniest Home Video. Ugh, I’m old.

Once you shoot the video it’s saved to your camera roll and you get the option to share to networks like Instagram through a share sheet. I mean, there are tons of apps that let you add effects to your videos, so why not add this one to your arsenal?

Mom and Dad will get a kick out of it, at least.

America, this is you.