Demonsaw Uses “Social Cryptography” To Share Files And Data Anonymously

While Demonsaw sounds like it would be an amazing metal band, it’s actually a sharing system built by a senior programmer at Rockstar Games. The creator, Eijah, was part of the core team for Grand Theft Auto V and Max Payne 3 and is also a dedicated privacy activist. Demonsaw is his solution to the age-old problem of sharing information anonymously.

“Privacy is very important to me. I’m deeply concerned with the loss of privacy that’s been occurring as we give up more and more of our personal information to governments and corporations,” he said. “A loss of privacy doesn’t just mean embarrassment or inconvenience, as in the case of the Adult Friend Finder hack. In some cases a loss of privacy can have catastrophic effects, such as bodily harm and/or even death. This is tragic and we need to do something to change this.”

Eijah isn’t his real name – he’s waiting to reveal that in an upcoming interview – but he’s working with security programmer John McAfee to build brand recognition and business partnerships.

How does it work? Eijah said his platform works using “social cryptography” which means it merges sharing tools like Dropbox with decentralized connectivity akin to BitTorrent. This means you can upload a file and share it with anyone completely anonymously – people will receive messages and files without knowing a single bit about the sender. The system requires “routers” – essentially public groups that allow you to share data with local users. Again, no IP data is passed to the routers. He launched 2.0 of the service to coincide with the recent Deacon conference in Las Vegas and Demonsaw currently works on Linux and Windows. A version for OS X is in the works.

“I write all the code for demonsaw, as well as make all the company decisions. I put in at least 45-50 hours per week at Rockstar plus another 30-50 hours per week on demonsaw. I really don’t do anything else in life anymore, just work. People asked me at Defcon how I manage to maintain such as schedule and I told them that privacy was simply too important for me not to do it,” he said.

Demonsaw is a free application that anybody can download and use to securely and anonymously communicate and share information. Demonsaw makes security easy for the individual. It empowers them, allowing them to control their own information and set up their own security as they deem necessary. There are no third parties involved in the transfer of messages or data. There’s no logging, no tracking, no installs, etc. Demonsaw is totally free and ad-free too.