College Job Finder Campus Job Rebrands As WayUp

Campus Job, a startup that connects college students with local job opportunities, has changed its name to WayUp.

Launched in September of 2014 by recent grads Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman, WayUp provides a platform for college students to find part-time work with companies looking for campus reps or other temporary employees. In April, the company raised a $7.8 million Series A round led by General Catalyst.

In less than a year, WayUp has signed up over 5,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of student users, who attend some 2,500 U.S. colleges.

Founder Liz Wessel reports that one in three students who applied for a job through WayUp last semester got an offer for at least one of the jobs. That’s a pretty compelling stat, speaking from semi-recent personal experience with the frustrating part-time college job hunt.

Understandably, there was quite a bit of confusion with the “Campus Job” name. Aside from sounding to students like a tool for finding a job at the campus dining hall or library, the company was often called the wrong name entirely.

In response, the founders hired a couple of students from the platform to come up with a better name, design a logo, and create a video announcing the new name.

WayUp is completely free for students, who create a profile that includes their grades, prior work experience, and hobbies. Companies can create listings across multiple campuses for free, but they’re charged a fee per qualified applicant that they receive.