Bar Roulette Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

The premise is simple: tap a button, get into an Uber and have no idea where you’re going.¬†Actually, that sounds like a really awful nightmare I had once.

Bar Roulette is a fun mashup built by Tyler Swartz during a hackathon that takes advantage of Uber’s API. It chooses a random bar based on your location and its reviews on Yelp. It’s a pretty cool way to explore your surroundings and get really drunk at the same time.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.13.39 AM

This could be fun for groups, a first date or when grandma visits.

It’s just a web app right now, but Swartz says he’s working on a native version. I’d like to see Lyft and Foursquare options, even though Yelp reviews can be extremely fun to read.

For some of us, “Bar Roulette” is something that happens every weekend, no app needed. For the rest of you, go ahead and give this a whirl.