Slack Decides Not To Kill Email For A Little While Longer, Integrates It Instead

Slack! The email killer! It’s going to kill email!

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.28.10 PM

Welp, not today.

The team clearly listens to its users, as the company announced a new integration (for Standard and Plus plan customers) that’ll make them extremely happy. Email will probably never completely die; it’s how organizations communicate with the outside world. Now you can bring email into your Slack channels:

Email remains ubiquitous and is quite useful for getting updates from pretty much every service on the Internet. Today we’re launching a new feature: all teams on the Standard or Plus plans can have email directed into Slack channels.

If you don’t set this integration up correctly, your channels could turn into a clogged up shithole, so be sure to think about what emails you want to bring in and where you want them to be posted.


Click and the email will expand:


Getting support tickets dropped right into a support channel means that your company can move into action faster. While you most certainly can’t reply to the email from within Slack, the alert alone is extremely valuable. What Slack is helping to kill is internal email, which is the bane of everyone’s existence at work.

Slack the email killer? Not so much. Super flexible business communications tool? That’s more like it.