New ATM “Shimmer” Fits Invisibly Inside The Card Slot

The wily ATM hackers are at it again with a new form of card data gathering system, a “shimmer.” These super-thin card readers slide right into the card slot and are technically invisible unless you go poking around inside the ATM.

This shimmer was found in Mexico and it is unclear if it was connected to a PIN pad camera or other hardware. What’s special about this unit is that it can read data stored on the card’s chip. The hackers are storing the data transmitted via the chip, thus enabling them to reuse the card data to clone both the chip and the magnetic strip. Obviously the chip security is slightly more complex than that so they will use the cloned cards on ATMs that don’t properly integrate that security when the card is swiped.

You can read a bit more on Brian Krebs’ site but rest assured you won’t be able to detect this skimmer by pushing or pulling on the ATM card reader. Maybe we should start carrying around tweezers and flashlights?