Microsoft Postpones Ship Date For Its ‘Surface Hub’ Wall Computer To January

Microsoft’s Surface Hub device will now ship on January 1st of next year. The delay comes after the firm signaled last month that a prior, fall ship date would be delayed. Microsoft promised an update in early August.

Hello, early August. Here’s the official note:

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.33.40 PM

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley was early to noticing the change. As she points out in a piece published earlier today, “Microsoft began taking pre-orders for the coming systems as of July 1. Originally, the plan was for Microsoft to begin shipping units worldwide starting on September 1.”

Microsoft cited “strong demand” for Surface Hub devices as reason to “[tune its]¬†manufacturing process to prepare for production at broader scale.” Hence, delays. Keep in mind that Microsoft actually built a factory in Oregon to create these new machines. To see a multi-month delay, therefore, isn’t overly surprising, or particularly troubling.

When you’re selling smaller unit numbers of higher-priced items, timing is less important than, say, the release of a new consumer-facing smartphone. Microsoft still accepts¬†pre-orders for Surface Hub hardware.

The Surface Hub, an 80-inch or 55 inch all-in-one computer for your wall, includes touch input, special cameras to track movement and features to help make video conferencing easier. It also runs Windows 10 apps, making it more versatile than its predecessors the Big Ass Table, and the Big Ass Table On A Wall. The devices will cost you $6,999 to $19,999, depending on size.

If the ship deadline for the Surface Hub slips again, we have a larger story. For now, get that factory running, Microsoft.