YC-Backed Bizzy Helps Brands Send Fewer Emails With Better Conversion

There’s nothing worse than a clogged inbox, and though it might not appear so, ecommerce brands don’t want to be the object of your resentment from over-emailing.

Bizzy, a YC-backed startup, aims to help ecommerce brands make more of an impact in fewer emails.

The company uses an algorithm that looks at how often a customer purchases products to determine if/when they should receive an email, and what it should say.

The process starts when the ecommerce brand plugs in the customer database to Bizzy. From there, Bizzy puts those customers into various buckets, ranging from folks who signed up to be on the email list but have never purchased to folks who made a purchase yesterday to people who haven’t made a purchase in a few months.

Based on their various buckets, customers receive different campaign emails with copy that fits their customer life cycle.

Bizzy generates the copy for their clients, giving them the ability to edit that in any way or send it off as is.

The Y Combinator-backed company, launched six weeks ago, has customers that have switched from MailChimp, Mad Mimi, SpringBot, InfusionSoft, Push Market and others, and clients have reported up to 1200 percent better sales with Bizzy. On average, a switch to Bizzy results in 60 percent fewer emails being sent than a traditional ecommerce business.

Right now, the service only integrates with the Shopify platform, but the company has plans to hook up with Etsy and others soon. And email is only the beginning. Bizzy will eventually expand to social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as advertising products.

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