Patreon Makes Space To Create | TC Cribs

In today’s episode of Cribs, we head to San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood to check out the digs at Patreon, a subscription-based funding platform for artists. This also happens to be the episode where I take over as the new host of the show. Hello, my new friends.

Patreon is all about the creatives. You get a sense of just how important the work of musicians, artists, and other makers is to this startup’s culture when you first walk in the door. Giant murals deck the walls alongside the productions of writers and artists on the site. Employees gather for jam sessions morning or mid-afternoon, utilizing the many musical instruments available in the front of the office. Stars of YouTube shows also drop in on a regular basis for a recording in Patreon’s built-in recording studio.

One-half of the band Pomplamoose, Jack Conte, co-founded Patreon with AdWhirl founder Sam Yam back in the spring of 2013. Conte still records music at the office. He recently took us on a tour of the place to show how the work gets done in this creative environment.

Watch the video embedded above to see Patreon’s art-filled and very colorful space – and my first go at hosting the show.