Teleport Expands Its Life, Housing Search Engine to New York City

As Silicon Valley buckles under the pressure of housing the technology industry it created, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed company called Teleport has been quietly building a set of tools to distribute tech and knowledge-workers throughout the rest of the world.

They started with a basic regional housing search engine for workers looking to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, with criteria ranging from rents to availability of restaurants, bars and gyms. Now they’re expanding that to New York City. This comes on top of a broader set of tools that ranks and profiles startup cities around the world from Medellin, Colombia to Prague to Dallas.

In an era of unprecedented mass mobility, Teleport’s goal is to help nomadic workers figure out the best cities to work from.

They’ve built software tools that help companies with internationally distributed workforces figure out where to have quarterly meetings or offsites. Another recent tool called Sundial helps managers and team members keep track of which timezone everyone is in in case they need to ping people about projects or set up calls.

With the New York City search tool, you enter the address or neighborhood where you expect to be working, then other criteria like your maximum tolerable commute time, safety and nightlife preferences. Teleport will come back to your with a ranked list of neighborhoods. It will show you how much you can save or how much more money you have to spend to match your expectations. You can also rearrange those search results by price, availability or commute time.