Scoot’s New Cargo Line Of Scooters Can Carry Taller People And More Stuff

Scoot, the Zipcar for scooters, recently updated its line of vehicles to carry bigger people and more cargo. The new Scoot Cargo vehicle can carry up to 390 pounds, including both rider and whatever else you want to load it with.

CEO Michael Keating founded the startup in 2011 to cut down on the many transportation problems in San Francisco. Scoots are all-electric and can go for up to 20 miles on a single charge. Each half-hour ride is cheaper than a MUNI ride at $2, but riders can ride a scooter all day for $20.

The operation works with special software and an app to help riders locate a scooter near them. Members of the Scoot Network use their smartphones to unlock the vehicle of choice and can use the scooter as long as they want and can leave it wherever the closest Scoot parking location is to them at the end of the ride.


The rider’s smartphone becomes the odometer and navigation system by locking it into the front steer and tapping the Scoot Networks app. The phone is continuously charged and riders get turn-by-turn directions throughout the city on either Android or iOS.

Scoot recently expanded by 60 percent with more than 45 garages and 650 city blocks housing the 400 scooters within the network. We went to get a look at the new vehicle and chat with Scoot about its unique transportation technology.