ZenHub Brings Its Project Management Service To GitHub Enterprise

ZenHub, a service that helps engineering teams manage their GitHub projects through Trello-like drag-and-drop task boards, was previously only available for regular GitHub accounts. Starting now, however, enterprise users who use the on-premise GitHub Enterprise service, will also be able to use ZenHub.

This new enterprise version of ZenHub is one of the first collaboration and project management service that integrates directly with GitHub Enterprise. Some of the companies that have already beta tested this new service include Imgur, ICON Health & Fitness and Japanese travel company Ikyu. It’s hosted service is currently in use by groups at NBC, Facebook, Sony, Microsoft and others.

ZenHub, which was funded by Axiom Zen, tells me that the idea here is to “enable industry heavyweights to centralize in GitHub, eliminating the need for third­-party project management tools by creating a single place of focus.” The company argues that its service can save engineers about almost one and a half hours of work every day by helping them to make better use of GitHub’s features.

GitHub — and Git in general — is seeing rapid adoption in the enterprise. There are now a number of services on the market, including startups like waffle.io (which also works with GitHub Enterprise) and some of Microsoft’s and Atlassian’s tools, that offer project management services for Git. What makes ZenHub stands out is its direct integration with GitHub Enterprise, so that developers don’t have to switch back and forth between even more different tools than they already do.

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