Behold! Watch As The Power Of The Wind Instantly Energizes This 3D-Printed Thingamabob


Do you believe in perpetual motion? The Flat Earth Theory? The sauroids who run our governments? Have I got something for you. The Wind Energy Stored In Gravity project allows you to store wind energy using a “gravity battery” and, with a flick of a switch, expel that stored power in the form of kinetic energy. This technology, which was created by Mike Blakemore, could completely wean us off of fossil fuels in the near future.

Okay, not really. But this is pretty cool. It’s designed to be printed in a few hours and essentially is a compact proof of concept for a gravity battery that is “charged” via the wind. The eggbeater turbine spins, bringing the notched rod up into its highest position. When you’re ready to expel the collected energy you simply release the gravity battery and it “outputs” the stored energy. It’s obviously not completely efficient and there are still plenty of issues associated with something like this in terms of real usefulness, but it is definitely a lot of fun.

You can download and print your own gravity battery and you can even store more energy by printing longer center beams. Just don’t let Big Oil catch you trying to step onto their turf. You could end up at the bottom of the ocean like the guy who invented the car that ran on water.


via 3DPrint