Microsoft Just Dropped An Update For Windows 10 But Isn’t Really Explaining What It is

“This update includes non-security-related changes to enhance the functionality of Windows 10 through new features and improvements.” — Someone at Microsoft.

Microsoft dropped a crop of Windows 10 updates today, some of which you might already have, some of which you might not have. If you already have some of the updates, you will get the updates that you do not already have. (Here you go.)

So what is among the updates? Well, quite a lot of stuff. I ran a few checks, and here are some goodies. From the list of changed things:

  • 45 updated things that were originally updated on August 2.
  • 761 updated things that were originally updated on June 18.
  • Lots of other things from other dates.

I reached out to Microsoft this morning for anything approaching clarification or guidance about what the update is, or what it fixes. So far, I’ve heard┬ánothing back.

If I had to sling my hook toward a guess, I’d speculate that this is merely the accumulated update bucket┬áthat has been dribbled out to users for some time. So if you were in the Insider program — how testers used Windows 10 for ages before it was released — then you probably won’t get much that is new. But if an OEM flashed an earlier ROM of Windows 10 onto its machines, Microsoft wants to ensure that every edge that it can burnish is. Hence this.

Or not, because Microsoft doesn’t see fit to tell us.

The company is going to update Windows 10 on a continuing basis, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t provide a little context. Especially given how strong the review cycle of Windows 10 has been, it’s almost odd that the transparent and open communication strategy that got the operating system out the door in functional shape could be fading this close to launch.

Anyway, you have some new code. Get it.