Google Slides Now Lets You Present From Your Android Device To Hangouts Video Calls

Earlier this year, Google Slides — the company’s PowerPoint competitor — gained the ability to¬†cast presentations to any screen with Chromecast or AirPlay. Today it’s expanding this feature by also letting you present from any Android phone and tablet to a Hangouts video call.

From the Slides app, you simply click on the present button, and if the meeting is on your calendar, you can start presenting right away. During your presentation, you can use your phone or tablet to advance slides, see your speaker notes, and keep track of time with the app’s built-in timer (there’s nothing worse than a presentation that runs over, after all).¬†Google also notes that you can still see who is on the call while you are presenting.

In addition to the Slides update, Google also today released an update to Google Keep, the company’s note-taking application.

With this update, Keep users can now export their notes to Google Docs. That’s not exactly innovation on the level of Google’s machine-learning tech, but it’s a useful feature for heavy Keep users nonetheless.