This Site Is Your DeLorean For Startup Homepages

When I ran through years and years of homepage designs by Twitter the other day, it was like hopping into a DeLorean and heading back in time. It was really interesting seeing what the company had in mind for its most important page in 2009…and then quickly changing it within months.

I’m not the only who thinks doing this is fun, as there’s a site called Startup Timelines that is a curated set of homepage history for all types of startups.

Want to see how Square’s site has evolved? No problem:


The guy behind the site, Bakz Awan, is a fan of startups like we are, and is doing all of the hard work (Way Back machine clicking, screenshotting, GIFfing and curating) so you don’t have to.

We’ve changed over the years, too!


The sites aren’t just being collected randomly. They’re being put together into collections, like the Summer 2015 Y Combinator batch. You can submit your site for consideration, as well.

Having just run through screenshotting Twitter’s past myself, I can appreciate all of the work that Awan has done. It’s a nice reminder that the thing you ship today might not be the thing you ship next week. Things change and the Valley is full of evolution, so take a breather and step into the time machine that is Startup Timelines.