Bohemian Guitars Returns With Something That Will Encourage Ukulele Lady To Like You

Bohemian Guitars first won our hearts with their unique oilcan git-fiddles, an instrument at once primitive and surprisingly advanced. I played with them about two years ago and now they’re back with two new instruments and an updated axe.

The Boho 2.0 crowdfunding campaign is aimed at bringing both an oilcan bass and ukulele to market. How do they sound? Pretty good, as evidenced by this rendition of something that sounds like “Dust In The Wind” played on an oilcan uke.

The team is also introducing a new bass using the same oilcan body. You can pick up the ukulele or bass for $99 and $349 respectively on Indiegogo. You can also grab an upgraded Boho guitar with improved sound and design. They’ve already completed their funding goal and are now at $51,000.

You can customize your fiddle with different styles and even add special pickups to truly tweak your sound. So far the Bohemian brothers have done quite well at getting musicians, including ZZ Top and Hozier, to play the instruments, and I’ll be curious to see if the new uke doesn’t encourage a renaissance of Hawaiian-themed novelty songs like “It’ll Be A Blue Christmas In Honolulu Bay” and “Do The Hipster Hula.” A man, as they say, can dream.