Find A Photo, Get A Waffle

About a week ago, the Google Photos team shared this mystical and magical video about a waffle wafel. What could it mean? What is this all about?

Why a waffle??!?!?!

Well, Google Photos is deploying food trucks in New York City to get some help on fine tuning its technology…and for marketing as well, I’m sure. It’s summer time, so companies have to get out and about to get their goods in front of those on vacation.

When you do these kinds of “on the ground” things, you get to demo your product to people who wouldn’t necessarily have known about it. Food trucks always get people’s attention, so it’s tried-and-true genius. In essence: try our product, get some free food.

Here are some of the locations that the Photos team plan on hitting up:

Searched for a photo, got a waffle: