DogSync Is An App To Help Your Family Keep Track Of Feeding Fido

Designed for pet-loving households, DogSync (a recent winner of our patent-pending TC Radio pitch-off) is a task manager that helps families communicate and sync tasks like feeding, walking or letting out Fido.

So how do you sync real-life events like walking your dog?

The basic premise behind DogSync is that while they’re extremely lovable, pets require a lot of care. This can get complicated when you bring entire households into the mix, as people inevitably get confused about who last walked or fed the dog.

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To solve this issue, DogSync creates a group feed where family members can add time-stamped completed tasks like a morning feeding or afternoon walk.

All other members of the household can then see that this task was completed, and get a push notification about the event. You can, of course, turn those notifications off if you don’t want a stream of alerts about your dog pooping.

The app also lets you send task requests, so mom or dad can send out a request to their three kids to walk the pup.

However, the most useful feature (at least for competitive households) may be a stats section where you can see which family member has done the most for your pup in the last week or month.

Still in beta, the app has about 5,000 active users. Ben Syne, co-founder of DogSync, told TechCrunch that out of people who have signed up and joined a Pack (the app refers to a group of caretakers as a Pack), most are using the app daily.

The company is working on new features like the ability to send pictures of your pup to everyone in your Pack, and ramping up a revenue model that will focus on matching dog owners to services and products.

For example, DogSync will be able to use your pet’s vitals and past feeding schedule to determine when you need to order dog food, then recommend specific brands.

DogSync is currently free, and available for download in the iOS App Store with an Android version coming soon.