Microsoft Has A Brand New Middle Finger With Your Name On It

Today, Windows 10 met the world with much fanfare. There is a ton of new features, apps and more articles about it than you can shake a stick at.

As a heavy Apple user, I can’t tell you most of what is in Windows 10, but I can tell you that it now has a pretty awesome feature that I would use the shit out of: the middle finger emoji (and some other new ones, too). In my opinion, it’s quite revolutionary.

There were¬†rumblings that this might happen a year ago. Microsoft is brave. Pretty surprising, considering that it pulled “offensive” emojis from Skype last April.

Emojis are huge right now. They’re in Slack, they’re on Twitter and they’re huge in Asia.

Okay, so maybe Microsoft didn’t go the full monty. It’s not on the onscreen emoji keyboard, but you can copy and paste it into (some) apps. Maybe we’ll get an update soon with better Middle Finger support.

Where you at, Apple? Google?

(Headline via Alex Wilhelm.)