Fly Or Die: MC Squares

You might assume that, when it comes to a standard whiteboard, there isn’t much room for disruption. But you’d be mistaken.

The folks behind MC Squares have developed a new kind of whiteboard that lets you snap small portions of it on and off of the wall-mounted rack so that kids in a classroom or older kids adults in a business meeting can collaborate without ever leaving the comfort of their seat.

Moreover, MC Squares come with an accompanying app that lets you line up the content of the whiteboard (cutting out all the extra wall space from the background of the photo). Beyond that, the app can also take a picture of 20 various MC Squares and split them up into 20 separate pictures, so you can see what’s happening square by square.

The biggest caveat (besides the fact that this product is a whiteboard)? A single MC Square costs $40.

That said, the MC Squares are walking away with one fly and one die.

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