Trello Launches Enterprise Service With Single Sign-On Support, Brings Two-Factor Authentication To All Users

Trello, the kanban-style project management service that was spun out of Fog Creek Software last year, launched its enterprise service today. While the company quietly introduced this new service tier a few months ago and started testing it with a number of customers, it’s only now making it official.

Trello already offered paid tiers for individuals and businesses, but enterprises obviously have slightly different requirements from startups and small teams that may or may not have gotten IT’s permission to use the service. So in addition to all the standard paid business features (permissions, membership control, etc.), the enterprise tier includes features like single sign-on support and intrusion detection.

With the new single sign-on support, Trello users can integrate their existing Okta, OneLogin or other SAML-based login systems to use the service. The company’s regular business accounts are only integrated with Google Apps.

In addition, the new paid tier includes phone and email support, as well as guaranteed file encryption at rest. Enterprise users will also get dedicated account managers.

Expedia, Conde Nast, EA and UC Davis are already on board with Trello’s enterprise service.

Starting today, all Trello users will also be able to use two-factor authentication to keep their accounts safe from hackers.

Today’s announcement comes almost exactly a year after Fog Creek spun out Trello and the newly-formed company announced its $10.3 million funding round led by Index Ventures and Spark Capital.