Apple Showcases Watch Apps With Short, Sweet New Ads

Today, Apple dropped a trio of 15-second ads showing off all of the great third-party apps available on the Apple Watch. Specifically, the ads focus on the travel, music and fitness apps available now for the device.

These ads arrive as Apple looks to the fall launch of watchOS 2 and the native applications that the new OS is capable of supporting. These ads are likely the first step in a push from Apple to garner new interest from third parties to launch their own Watch apps. Though the Watch is now several months old, there continue to be standouts from major companies like Facebook and Snapchat that have yet to release any apps for the device.

With the tagline, “apps at a tap,” Apple is showcasing to both consumers and developers just how accessible its platform is.

Check out the new ads below.


Music Apps:

Fitness Apps:

Travel Apps: