Strike Social Says It Can Predict The Results Of YouTube Ad Campaigns

YouTube advertising and analytics startup Strike Social is launching a new feature today called Strike Predict.

The company already helps advertisers track the performance of their videos on YouTube and on social networks. CEO Patrick McKenna said that with Strike Predict, marketers can take a video to their boss, propose an ad campaign to promote the video, and answer the key questions: “How much do you want and what do I get for it?”

In other words, the new feature can estimate how many views an advertiser will get for a given campaign — or they can specify how many views they want and Strike Predict will tell them how much they should spend.

strike predict

The company says its algorithms are based on “a biologically inspired neural network” that also employs “statistical learning models.” I’m not 100 percent sure what that means, but one of the main takeaways is that Strike can predict the increase in both organic and paid views, and it should get smarter over time.

The algorithms are already accurate within 2 percent of the actual results, Strike says.

The company has 500 paying customers, McKenna said. Strike Predict is available for free to any customer who’s connected their YouTube channel to the Strike platform.