Apple Releases New iPhone Ads, Praising iPhone’s Unique Features

Apple has launched a new advertising campaign last week with an aggressive tagline — “if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.” Today, the company released a third ad. This new campaign focuses on the unique features behind an iPhone, things that you won’t find if you opted for an Android phone.

It is clearly targeted toward existing Android phone owners or those who hesitate when it comes to picking a new phone. The wording of the tagline is bold. It focuses on the experience you should expect from your phone. While Apple introduced the first modern multi-touch smartphone, many phone makers now offer more or less the same features. Except that it doesn’t feel the same.

Today’s new ad (top video) focuses on the App Store. While the company touts the incredible number of apps in the App Store with “over one and half million apps,” the Play Store now has at least 1.43 million apps as well. All the major apps are available on both platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail…).

That’s why the company is saying that the apps available on the App Store are “hand-picked,” referring to the App Store submission process. Every app has been validated by real humans before going live on the App Store. Google is moving into this direction as well, but reviewers didn’t approve apps that were submitted before March.

In the “Hardware & Software” ad below, Apple claims that only a company that creates the hardware and software can make a good phone. Even though Google has worked directly with third-party OEMs on its Nexus line, there are still some discrepancies between what you can do with Android and what your phone offers. Apple has used this argument multiple times over the past few years, including at WWDC 2014. “You’ve seen how our devices, operating systems and users work together,” Tim Cook said after introducing iOS 8.

This last ad is a joyful little video showcasing many communication apps. “99 percent of people who have an iPhone love their iPhone,” it says. Tim Cook has been using customer satisfaction reports at every earnings calls for the past couple of years to prove that Apple is releasing the right products at the right time. And it’s true that the iPhone 6 has been a massive success. These ads are probably the last ones before Apple releases a new iPhone in a couple of months.