Tesla Is Making A Mystery Announcement Tomorrow


We just got the official word: Tesla is announcing something tomorrow.

What is that “something”? We… actually have no idea at the moment. I’d love to say “YEAH! GET HYPED! NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS THAT WILL BE SUPER INTERESTING!” for the sake of readership — but I can’t really do that, because Tesla is keeping details super sparse.

Could it be that Tesla has finally locked down the ship dates for its electric SUV, the Model X? Perhaps.

Could it be something more ridiculous? It’s possible!

Of course, it’s also possible that it’s something mundane; worth noting is that Tesla is pulling in reporters via the phone, rather than an in-person press conference, which generally suggests that photos/videos/visuals won’t be super important. With that said, Tesla announcements generally don’t disappoint.

Whatever the case — swing by tomorrow at just after 11 am Pacific for details on… whatever it is they’re announcing.

(Update: Here’s the news.)