Good St. Makes It Easy For Startups (And Other Businesses) To Support Charities

Good St. bills itself as a way to change the world “one quarter at a time,” and now it’s offering a way to do that as a company.

When you sign up for Good St., you’re committing to donate as little as 25 cents each day. Then you’ll get a daily email describing two charities chosen by the Good St. team, and you can vote for the organization that you want to support. The day’s donations are divided based on user votes, and if you don’t want to support either of them, you can have your donation rolled over for tomorrow.

The new Good St. for Teams works the same way, except that the voting and donations happen on a company-wide level, and the businesses are sponsoring their employees’ donations at a rate of $10 a month.

Good St. co-founder Joe Teplow pitched this is a good way for startups to dip their toe in the water of corporate giving and social responsibility without a big commitment of time or money. After all, many startups are trying compete with big companies when it comes to hiring, which can mean offering big company-style perks — so in addition to offering snacks and fancy offices, maybe think about social good, too?

“We obviously recognize that this is not a complete corporate or social responsibility program,” Teplow said, but he suggested that it’s a way to “cultivate a culture of giving.”

Startups already using Good St. for Teams include SocialRank, Casper, RadPad and RebelMail (which Teplow also co-founded).