Apple Releases New Apple Watch Ads Showcasing Its Many Different Use Cases

The Apple Watch was released in April, but many still struggle to understand how useful it is. Do we need another screen in our lives? Apple provides many different answers with four new ads it released today. The Watch is a fitness device, a device to save time and a great travel companion.

These ads are interesting for a couple of reasons.

First, contrary to iPad or iPhone ads, these ads were nearly exclusively shot outside — the Watch will help you experience the world around you. It’s not like the iPad, a device that was introduced as a great way to surf the web from your couch, or the iPhone, something we need all the time, everywhere.┬áSecond, two of these four ads are centered around China.

The ad called “Berlin” features two Chinese tourists in Berlin, translating words from their wrists and sending messages on popular messaging app WeChat.

“Beijing,” on the other hand, was shot in Beijing with two German tourists.

The ad called “Closer” features many families with young kids, showing how the Watch can help you connect on another level with your family. It shows that you can send messages and emoji from your wrist, but it also implicitly shows that Watch owners spend less time on your phone, and more time with their loved ones.

The less surprising ad is the one called “Goals.” In this ad, we can see Apple Watch users working out and checking goals. Apple introduced the Apple Watch as a timepiece, a very personal communication device and a fitness tracker. Many have praised the simplicity of the built-in fitness tracking apps. And this feature is a clear differentiating point with your iPhone as you can’t get your heartbeat and track your motions as precisely with your phone.

The only question now is whether these use cases will resonate with people who have been considering buying on Apple Watch but haven’t yet.