Foundry Group Is Providing Free Housing To Techstars’ Detroit Program

Startups participating in Techstars Mobility have a new option for housing: Foundry Group purchased a lovely house in the Cass Corridor neighborhood. Believe it or not, there’s actually a real estate crunch in downtown Detroit. Sure, houses are a dime a dozen in Detroit, but it’s tough finding a nice house in a nice neighborhood with like-minded people. And this house is free for those companies participating in Techstars Mobility.

Techstars Mobility is just getting started. The Detroit-area program was announced in late 2014 and the first session is now underway. Techstars Mobility’s Managing Director Ted Serbinski told TechCrunch that applicants to the Detroit program came from 42 countries. The program is designed to draw companies interested in developing companies in the mobility space — think everything from ridesharing programs to cutting-edge vehicle technology. Because Detroit.

“We are super excited about Detroit and wanted to make it even easier for entrepreneurs from outside of the area to appreciate it,” said Jason Mendelson, Managing Director of Foundry Group. “As a former resident, it really meant a lot to me personally, too.”

Serbinski explained that the house is molded after the Foundry House in Kansas City. The idea is to give entrepreneurs accepted into Techstars Mobility a place to live and work together, he said, adding that he hopes the house will help jumpstart the Detroit community.

“Techstars Mobility is on a mission to be a catalyst for change across metro Detroit. We’re at the intersection of the automotive dominance and the entrepreneurial resurgence, helping to bridge the gap and create a long term, sustainable startup ecosystem in Detroit,” said┬áSerbinski.

The house is a block from Shinola’s lovely retail store in the heart of Midtown. It’s one of the best neighborhoods in Detroit and a perfect spot for Techstars and Foundry Group to plant their flag. Three companies are currently living in the house.