Withings Activité, The Activity Tracking Watch, Now Knows When You’re Swimming

Part Swiss-made watch, part activity tracker, the Withings Activité is arguably one of the best looking activity trackers made to date. The device focuses on tracking simple movements like walking and running, and has an extra analog hand to provide feedback on how active you are each day.

Withings has now announced that the Activité and Activité Pop (a less expensive model) can now automatically recognize if a user is swimming.

The device will communicate your underwater workout to the companion Health Mate app, adding it in alongside existing workouts on land. Health Mate will also be able to compute how many calories were burned during your swim by tracking the intensity of your session and using personal data saved in the app.

Since the tracking begins automatically, swimmers can just dive in and start swimming without any special pre-workout configuration.

This could be a game changer for those in the market for wearables, especially if you are a frequent swimmer. One of the biggest issues with most watches/activity trackers is that they aren’t exactly designed for underwater use.

Automatic swimming detection is now available via a software update on both Activité and Activité Pop, even ones that have already been purchased.