Merienda Picnic Will Deliver A Fully Stocked Picnic In Under An Hour

Everyone loves a picnic, but the labor-intensive planning, packing, and cleanup often cause people to rethink their outdoor plans and just head to a nearby restaurant. Merienda Picnic (winner of last week’s TC Radio Pitch-Off), is an on-demand service that will bring you a fully stocked picnic basket in under an hour.

Launched in New Orleans, the company currently delivers an array of picnic packages ranging from a $45 classic package to a $1,000 platinum package which comes with a “picnic butler” to set up and tear down the picnic spread.

Most baskets come with champagne included, and can be custom built to match the theme of events like a brunch or a girls day out.

The company partners with local cheese, charcuterie, and wine shops to provide high-quality goods for the baskets, and uses a courier service to deliver baskets in about 30-45 minutes.

Andrea Hernandez, Founder of Merienda Picnic, explained that the company targets older customers with disposable incomes, or younger couples planning a special event. For example, Merienda Picnic has engagement packages that come with a photographer to capture the big moment.

Hernandez told TechCrunch that New Orleans’ variety of urban parks, mild climate, and lax public drinking laws made it the perfect city to launch the company in. Merienda Picnic is planning for a nationwide expansion, with Austin, TX being the next stop for the company.

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