Hooks, The App That Lets You Get A Notification For Almost Anything, Lands On Android And Apple Watch

Hooks, the app that sends you push notifications triggered by things that are important to you, has a new version for Android, as well as the now almost obligatory Apple Watch app. Previously, the latest version of Hooks was iOS only.

Apple’s smartwatch platform seems particularly suited to a service that lets you pick from 100 or so ‘channels’, consisting of 1 million-plus user created alerts, to keep you updated on anything from the latest tweet, news article or sports score, or something more specific such as a change in stock price or the current bitcoin exchange rate.

In a sense, smart watch trailblazer Pebble was built on this premise — serving as a companion to your smartphone and offering at-a-glance access to important notifications. I actually know of someone who has two Pebble watches, one for work and one for home, for this very reason. Apple’s foray into the smartwatch builds on this concept, as does Google’s Android Wear efforts, and the addition of Hooks supercharges the customised push notifications smart watch use-case.


““We think that notifications will become a major way you get most of your information. This is happening already as ‘wearable technology’ like the Apple Watch has been introduced. In this new environment, people are going to need killer apps to help them,” Hooks co-founder and CEO Oleg Kozynenko told me back in March.

To that end, Kozynenko says the Hooks app has garnered more than 110,000 users, since version 2.0 launched in February, who have sent more than 450,000 notifications each day and sent a total of 30 million notifications.

All of which hasn’t gone unnoticed. Today was the Spanish startup’s first day in accelerator TechStars’ Chicago program, and is well under way to closing new funding, which I understand has already hit the $250,000 mark.