Instagram Preps To Save Your Photos In 1080×1080 Resolution

Instagram seems to be planning to upgrade photos to 1080 px, according to source code from the Instagram website, first uncovered by the Verge.

As it stands now, Instagram photos live in 640×640 resolution, but on the heels of the revamped website, it appears that the photo-sharing service is now uploading pictures in full HD resolution.

That said, Instagram isn’t yet showing your photos in 1080×1080 resolution. But if the company is uploading and saving to that size, chances are it will roll out to general users at some point.

Check out this example:


The Verge also notes that these photos aren’t being stretched from 640 pixels to fit a 1080 space, but are rather uploaded in HD resolution.

This makes sense given that a standard 640×640 resolution requires larger screen phones (like the iPhone 6 Plus, for example) to stretch the photos to fit the screen. With 1080 pixel width photos, Instagram pictures will at the very least live in a resolution that can be pushed to these phones without ugly artifacts from scaling.

No word on when we’ll see this feature roll out, but if you’d like to check out your own Instas in 1080 px, follow these quick instructions:

From Chrome, click on the picture you want, and then go to View > Developer > View Source. Hit CMD + F and search for “n.jpg”. The hyperlink associated to the .jpg will be the photo you chose, so simply copy that link into another browser tab.

[IMG via Susan Hobbs]