Designer Turns A Konica Film Camera Into A Digital Shooter With 3D-Printed Parts

The Konica Auto S3 is considered by camera lovers to be one of the best low-cost rangefinder pocket shooters. Originally made in 1973 it features a 38mm f1.8 lens and internal leaf shutter. But it also shot 35mm film. A designer, Ollie Baker, gave the camera a new lease on life by pulling the back of the camera, adding a few 3D-printed parts, and creating the ultimate Frakenshooter.

18-year-old Baker used the guts from a Sony NEX-5 and then designed and 3D printed a set camera plates and a case back. He was then able to attach all of the parts, connect the power button to the reel rewinder, and take pictures with the same intensity as the ones they took way back when “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” was a Billboard top hit. He did most of this about a year ago but it’s a fascinating look at what you can do with a little energy and a lot of 3D modeling.

The results, as seen below, are impressive. While the camera is no longer truly analog, the resulting images are fascinating in their own way, evocative of old snapshots found in shoebox.


Best of all Baker shows us how he did it so you can easily make your own Frankencamera with a 3D printer, a little leatherette, and a broken Sony. Perhaps it would be a nice July project?

via 3Ders