Sphericam 2 Is A 4K 360-Degree Camera Built For The VR Era

One of the main issues with current 360-degree VR technology is that a successful experience typically requires a user to have both creation and consumption devices. While companies like Oculus and Samsung have begun to bring VR consumption devices to market, there is still a lack of consumer-targeted cameras that are capable of creating 360-degree VR compatible video.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Sphericam 2 aims to provide a solution by allowing photographers to easily capture high-quality 360-degree video.

The camera is about the size of a tennis ball, and has six built-in 4K lenses to capture 360-degree video at 60fps. Sphericam 2 will also have WiFi, allowing you to live stream video to desktop or mobile devices.

The device is the second iteration of Sphericam, with the first successfully launched on Kickstarter and shipped in 2013. Jeffrey Martin, the inventor of Sphericam, is a 360-degree photo guru and holds the world record for “Largest Panorama Photo,” which is a 320 gigapixel photo of London.

VR has been steadily gaining popularity, especially with YouTube recently adding support for 360- degree video. The music industry specifically seems to be quickly embracing the medium, with musicians ranging from Paul McCartney to Hardwell both recently releasing video of concerts shot in 360 degrees.

Sphericam 2 will retail for $1,499 but can be preordered now for a $200 discount via Kickstarter.