YouTube Brings 60fps Video Streams To Its Android And iOS Apps

Over the last few months, Google’s YouTube launched both 60fps video on the desktop and — later — for live video streams. Starting today, you can also watch the service’s smooth 60fps videos in its iOS and Android apps.

Given that these video streams were already available on YouTube’s other main platforms, it was only a matter of time before Google brought this feature to mobile, too. According to a YouTube spokesperson”, 60fps YouTube is now available on the desktop, Apple TV and the PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles.

60fps video may seem like overkill — and some people definitely prefer 30 or 24fps for their video experiences, especially when it comes to movies about hobbits. Gamers, however, tend to aim for a 60fps experience and so it’s no surprise that there is already plenty of compatible game videos on YouTube today. Those games, after all, were made to be seen at a high frame rate already.

Now that a lot of consumer cameras also support high frame rate  recordings, though, there is also quite a bit of other content available in both 720p60 and 1080p60, as well as a number of commercial releases.

Earlier this year, YouTube also introduced support for 60fps 4K video. That’s probably a bit much for even the most modern of smartphones (that kind of resolution tends to push most desktops to its limit, after all), but most modern phones should be able to easily cope with these new 60fps streams.