Rooomy Lets You Decorate Your Room in 3D

Launching today, Rooomy is an iPad app which lets you turn 2D images of a room into a 3D space. You can also decorate these 3D rooms with over 500 pieces of virtual 3D furniture from popular brands like Design Within Reach and All Modern.

Built by Loft-NedSense, a European company listed on the NYSE Euronext, the app is mainly designed to be as a virtual staging solution for the real estate industry.

Here is how the service works: Real estate brokers upload photos of rooms for a flat fee of $20 per property. After using in a built-in tool to identify where the walls in the room are, it is turned into a 3D model. Potential buyers can then browse homes for sale within the app, and explore the furnished rooms before scheduling a showing.

Before and After

The brokers can then either choose to use Rooomy’s virtual furniture catalogue to stage rooms themselves, or pay Loft-NedSense $79 per room to professionally decorate it. While this seems costly, the company explained that the goal is for their virtual staging solution to eventually allow brokers to stop renting furniture for actual staging.

The company also makes money on an affiliate basis from the large catalogue of virtual furniture it features. For example, if a user likes a virtual couch from Rooomy’s catalogue, they can click through and purchase it, resulting in a small revenue cut for Loft-NedSense.

While the 3D furniture catalog is still relatively small at 500 pieces, the company says it plans to expand to over 6,000 pieces of furniture within the next month.

The iPad app is available in the App Store for download now.