Microsoft Drops Another Windows 10 Build

Today, Microsoft released another Windows 10 build for PC, numbered 10159. The company indicated that it is similar to yesterday’s release, with one change aside from normal bug fixes.

According to Neowin’s Brad Sams, the operating system iteration contains a new desktop background. It appears to be the image that Microsoft will use as Windows 10’s default shot.


I wouldn’t bring up that small fact unless there was more to discuss. It’s worth noting that yesterday, the preceding Windows 10 build — number 10158, natch — itself containedĀ a bundle of new features.

So, in case you, like me, have been working and not tinkering with new builds, here’s what the two versions bring:

  • Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, now has itsĀ branding inside the operating system.
  • Further improvements to Cortana, including a new theme and integration with Office 365.
  • Removal of the Insider Hub — you can reinstall it — which is reasonable, given that the pre-release period of Windows 10 is racing to a conclusion.
  • Fixes to both the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3.
  • The above blue thing.

I keep presuming (incorrectly, it’s worth noting) that Microsoft will eventually slow the cadence of its build release cycle in the days leading up to the formal ship date for Windows 10, which is now nearly one month out. By releasing builds at an even faster pace, the company is doing a delicious job of making me look increasingly silly.

Regardless, the new code is out on Windows Update now, so get to it.